Every 2-3 years the BSG takes the older groups of children on a European Tour, playing in concerts and enjoying a european city for a long weekend.

Cremona – Easter 2018


Copenhagen – Easter 2016


Iceland – Easter 2014

Iceland was the destination of choice in 2014. A group of the older students (and some parents) flew off to play a concert or two, eat Icelandic goodies, see volcanoes and ice-floes and swim in geothermal pools.

Valencia – Easter 2011 Valencia flyer-3rd draft low res

In April 2011 the top two groups set off for Valencia in Spain for four days, where they played in two concerts, and had a fabulous long weekend sightseeing, eating, sunning themselves, visiting orange groves and orange packing plants, going to flamenco evenings and football matches and playing on the beach. A fantastic trip.

Cremona – Easter 2009


Everyone who went to Cremona in 2009 will agree that they had a wonderful time. Three days in a heavenly town, listening to music, playing music and eating gelati in the sun with very nice people – what more could anyone want. Cremona was chosen as it is Italy’s centre for violin making, so as well as playing, we all got the opportunity to visit luthiers and see how are instruments are made.

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