What do children do on Saturdays ?

What do the children do in groups ?

Play, Play, Play ……!




More seriously,

Classes are held between 8.30 and 12.30 at St Clements and St James School, near Holland Park. The youngest children start with 2 x 30 minute classes: a group class and singing. From about Book 2, they gradually they graduate to a slightly longer morning, with 3 x 45 minute classes: a group class, singing and an orchestral session. The most advanced players may also have a chamber music session.

Between classes there is a great playground outside where the children can play (with adult supervision).

Each term culminates in a concert: the group holds an annual formal concert in November, and there are informal concerts of the terms ensemble works at the end of each term.

Important Notes ….

You will need to bring with you:
Everyone: Your instrument, and cellists will need their stool & spike holders as well.
Orchestra (Bk 2+) and chamber group members (Bk 5+): Music Stand, pencil, rubber & music and a tuner if necessary.

Please ensure that everything is named.

Orchestra members should arrive 10 minutes early and, whenever the timetable makes it possible, tune quietly in the hallway.


– All children must be supervised at all times, both in the playground and inside the building.
– Please do not touch any of the work on display in the school, or any of the school equipment.

Litter and Noise
— Please do not allow children to eat/drink inside the school building and ensure that any litter from drinks/food consumed in the playgrounds is placed in a rubbish bin.
— Please clear up after yourself and your family.
— Please ensure you take your family’s belongings home with you.
— Please try to keep the noise levels down.
— We rely on the good will of St Clements and St James’ and their neighbours to allow us to use this excellent space on Saturdays. As you may know after our recent move, finding teaching spaces is nigh on impossible, so please help us to keep it.

Also please see ….

For Group dates and times see Calendar

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