What we do

The Bayswater Suzuki Group Saturday School (BSG) is designed to supplement and enhance the musical skills you learn in your Private (one on one) music lessons.

The Saturday Groups are open to all students of the Suzuki method for stringed instruments and we cater for children from 3 years to 18 years old.

Pupils attending Saturday Groups take group classes in their instrument as well as a Choir class to enhance their musicality. More advanced students also take a Chamber Music Lesson and/or an Orchestra class. There are two BSG Concerts presented during the year to showcase the pieces the students learn each Term and to showcase their abilities. Students also get the opportunity to participate with the school at other London concerts through the year.

We also hold additional Summer Courses and the older children also get the opportunity to participate in international tours. In recent years we have visited Cremona and Valencia, Iceland and Copenhagen. In 2020 we were going to go to Salzburg, Austria but had to cancel due to the current Corona Virus Pandemic.



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