Useful Apps and Web links whilst preparing for ABRSM exams

This is a list of useful apps that might be helpful for practice and during the preparation for ABRSM exams. Try them, and let us know how you get on. Also do let us know of any more that you might recommend.


ScaleHelperIconScale Helper for iPad.

Scale Helper is a useful app that is linked into the Associated Board exam syllabus, and can be used for re-inforcing scale exercises, and to track and test your scales. It can also listen to your scales and provide feedback on intonation !! It is £4.99 to download, but well worth it in the build up to a grade exam. There is also a free version called Scale Helper Lite which you might want to try first before upgrading to the all singing all dancing paid for version.

Sight Reading

sightreading - Wessar ogoSightRead4BowedStrings  is a free app for iPad which helps to improve your sight reading as you play.  Its aim is to train the eye and brain to read the music efficiently as the score disappears off the screen as you play  – so there is no time to go back and correct stumbles along the way. Although the app is free and comes with a certain number of sight reading exercises, you can buy further music to work on once the app is downloaded. FOr those who are also trying to get their piano sight reading sorted out there is a parallel app that is ABRSM approved and marketed called ABRSM SightRead4Piano that is also available from iTunes.


Slow down (or speed up !) your pieces.

speedshifter_icon2The ABRSM have a very useful application called speedshifter which allows you to change the speed of a piece of music without changing its pitch. This can be very useful when using recorded accompaniments.

Simply load a track and turn the dial to slow it down or speed it up – the pitch remains the same. 


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