What do parents do on Saturdays

In the main …

piggy_violinistObserve their child’s classes, take notes, be responsible for their playing children and any siblings, drink coffee, eat croissants and make friends. Siblings are very welcome to watch classes so long as they are quiet and behave well.

The Suzuki philosophy embraces the triangle between the child, parent and teacher. We believe that parents need to attend all Saturday classes to enhance every aspect of their child’s musical education.

We also think that this should be an enjoyable morning!

– All children must be supervised at all times, both in the playground and inside the building.
– Please do not touch any of the work on display in the school, or any of the school equipment.

Litter and Noise
– Please do not allow children to eat/drink inside the school building and ensure that any litter from drinks/food consumed in the playgrounds is placed in a rubbish bin.
– Please clear up after yourself and your family.
– Please ensure you take your family’s belongings home with you.
– Please try to keep the noise levels down.
– We rely on the good will of St Clements and St James’ School and their neighbours to allow us to use this excellent space on Saturdays.

You are welcome to park in the playground (entrance on Princedale Rd) but please do not park on the astroturf.




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