Joining Us


STEP 1:  If you are totally new to the Suzuki method please first read the FAQsand have a look at our groups pages : What do children do on Saturdays and What do parents do on Saturdays. All Suzuki pupils have weekly private lessons as well as six group lessons per term (which take place on six Saturday mornings during the school term).  Practising is required throughout all weekends and holidays.

STEP 2:  NEXT you need to come and observe a term of 6 group lessons with Jillian Leddra (violin) or Helen Neilson (cello), please complete this application form.  Check the dates of the next group lessons on the calendar and then return the form to the Jillian Leddra on, saying that you wish to observe and ask for the relevant timetable details.

STEP 3:  When you have observed group lessons for a term, fix with Jillian to observe a private lesson with her.  At this point Jillian will be able to indicate any availability she may have in her private lesson timetable.  This only happens when an existing pupil has left thereby opening a space in her timetable.  She cannot therefore guarantee a space until a space has become available.  In addition, she does not take on new pupils in the summer term.  If she can take you on, it is really important that you read how she runs her teaching practice.  We will also ask you to sign an agreement which will help you understand how the Bayswater Suzuki Group works.  One important thing to remember is that we operate like any private school and we therefore require a full term’s notice both for private and group lessons should you wish to leave for whatever reason.  If everything works out we look forward to welcoming you to our group where you and your children will make lots of friends – some for a lifetime!

In addition to the private and group lessons we also have formal and informal concerts every term. We also ask you to attend one of the Suzuki summer courses which really helps to keep your child focused — and also helps cement friendships and long-term interest in playing music.

It may also be useful to read this very helpful and inspiring article written by Dr Helen Likierman, a former Suzuki parent.