Listening to recordings, attending concerts and generally finding out about the music you are playing is all crucial to your playing. Pupils should be listening to recordings of the music they are playing every day, whether in the car on the way to school, over breakfast or at last thing at night.

The early repertoire can all be found on the Suzuki recordings. Later, as the repertoire broadens out, it is important to find good recordings of the other pieces. Youtube is a wonderful resource – you can find magnificent renditions of the pieces to be played, but equally you can find some that are laughably bad.

Suzuki recordings can be purchased from most London Music shops, directly from the British Suzuki Institute or ordered online.

Youtube and Spotify are fabulous resources for listening to lots of different interpretations of the same music.

Suzuki Repertoire on youtube – played by professionals …

Humoresque played by Yoyo Ma (cello) and Itzak Perlman (violin) or by Mischa Elman (violin) and by Heifetz

Lully Gavotte played by Georg Kulenkampff (violin)

Retro Listening

See the LSG on Blue Peter in 1976 … The eagle eyed amongst you may recognise LSG teacher Helen Brunner !


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