Bryanston Day 7

The last full day of Bryanston is concert day. All the string group classes played in Coade Hall from 10am until lunch.  Jamie played three pieces: ‘I knew you were trouble’ by Taylor Swift , Vivaldi violin concerto in A minor (1st movement) and Bach’s Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring. He played the last piece on the viola (that we hired for the week) in the double bass and viola group. All the groups were amazing, from the tiny children playing Twinkle to the older teenagers playing a jazz number, Autumn Leaves.

We finished the day with the Bryanston Revue, a comedy/talent show with little kids and grown-ups volunteering excellent acts. It was so good, I have ordered the DVD.

This has been a great experience, we certainly plan to return next year.

Double Bass and Viola group
Double Bass and Viola group

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